40 Days of Love

      40 Days of Love is a church-wide spiritual adventure based on 1 Corinthians 13, all about building healthy relationships and learning to love as Jesus did. We will learn how to value our relationships, communicate from the heart, and love even when it's difficult. During these 40 days, join your church family as we make a commitment to worship together each week, and also join in fellowship through multiple small group options.

Cost is $20 for Book and Study Guide.

Small Groups will begin the week of March 31.

Click on the links below to register for a Small Group:

Sunday Mornings (Adults) 9am, at BBCC. Led by Pastor Phil Letizia.

Sunday Mornings (Middle and High School students) 10:30am, at BBCC. Led by Ryan Lockett.

Sunday after Church (Young families with children) 12pm, at BBCC. Lunch included. Kids will have their own 40 Days Small Group experience. Preregistration is required.

Tuesday Mornings (Women) 9:30am, at BBCC. Led by Kim Amestoy

Tuesdays Evenings, 7pm. Led by Mike and Gail Scott at their home in the Fountains neighborhood.

Wednesday Evenings (Adults) 6pm, at BBCC. Led by John Leavitt.

Wednesday Evenings (Middle School) 6pm, at BBCC. Led by Ryan Lockett.

Wednesday Evenings (High School) 7:30pm, at BBCC. Led by Ryan Lockett.

Thursday Evenings (Women) 7pm, at BBCC. Led by Kim Amestoy.

Thursday Evenings (Adults) 7pm, at BBCC. Led by Kirk McCormick.

Thursday Evenings, 6:30pm. Led by Shawn and Nikki Oden at their home in Canyons neighborhood.