Resources for Sunday, Jan. 29, 2023


Hello BBCC Kids families!


Isn’t it odd that we see other’s faults so much easier than we see our own? I’ll be talking about how weird someone’s hair is, meanwhile I’m standing here looking like a porcupine in a hurricane! But Jesus helps us realize that we all mess up sometimes and so we shouldn’t look down on others just because they’re not perfect.



Bible Story: Jesus Forgives the Sinner

Big Idea: Jesus doesn’t look down on us for being sinners, so we shouldn’t look down on others who sin.

Memory Verse: “Do not judge, or you too will be judged.” Matthew 7:1 (NIV)



After your story time together, you can use the highlighted linked family document below to take your family deeper into the lesson throughout your week.


Family Home Guide


Jesus wasn’t like other religious teachers. He hung out with regular, flawed people like us. The Bible even says that he died for us “while we were still sinners”. My prayer for us this week is that we’ll strive to have that same compassion and understanding for others that Jesus put on full display throughout his life and ministry.



Bountiful Blessings,

Nicole English
BBCC Kids Coordinator