Due to the current pandemic, wedding oppotunities are limited. Please contact the church office if you would like more information at this time.

At BBCC, we desire to assist prepared engaged couples for a lifelong marriage that brings glory to God. We believe that God has instituted the special relationship of marriage between a man and a woman. We believe that the marriage relationship is second only in importance to one’s relationship with God through Jesus Christ. We believe that the marriage ceremony is a very special time of worship. We believe that God has clearly communicated to us his plan for marriage from the Bible, the authoritative Word of God.

Wedding Information Guidelines

Boynton Beach Community Church wants to help make your wedding day one of the happiest and most sacred memories of your life. In is our desire to serve you in every way that is practical and in accordance with our total church program. We have found it helpful to develop guidelines which will help your wedding run smoothly. We suggest that you read through these guidelines carefully and ask any questions that you may have.

Dates (Rehearsal & Wedding)

In order for a couple to have the pastor officiate at their wedding, either the bride or the groom must be a member of Boynton Beach Community Church.

Prior to the wedding, couples must successfully complete premarital counseling with an approved counselor.

After reading these wedding information guidelines, if you wish to be married, please contact the church office at 561.733.9400 to schedule a meeting with the pastor. Please complete the Marriage Information Form and Wedding Agreement Form and forward these to the church office prior to meeting with the pastor. At this meeting the pastor will ask you about your spiritual journey and your relationship with your intended spouse. A firm commitment from the pastor cannot be given until this meeting has taken place.

Please confirm with the pastor his availability for the date, time and location where you wish to be married.

Rehearsal and Ceremony Guidelines

At least four weeks before the wedding, you will need to contact the pastor to set up a time to meet with him to discuss the format of your wedding ceremony. The pastor has a standard outline for the order of worship for the ceremony and will work with you to make sure your wedding is a special one.

All members of the wedding party will meet with the pastor at the location of the wedding for a one hour rehearsal, usually one day before the wedding. Because of family and ministry responsibilities, the pastor is sometimes unable to attend rehearsal dinners and/or receptions. It is hoped that such inability will not be taken as an offense, but if you would like, please do invite the pastor (and his spouse) to attend.


Please inform your photographer that no flash pictures may be taken during the ceremony. He or she should be asked to remember the solemnity of the occasion and to refrain from attracting attention to himself/herself by taking pictures from conspicuous locations. Arrangements may be made before and/or after the service for pictures to be taken.

Taping the Service

Videotaping equipment may be used with natural lighting. If you plan to have videotaping from the front of the wedding ceremony, please discuss this with the pastor.